What is posting period?

Posting period refers to the number of days that a job posting matching your search remains online before it expires or is removed. 

What can I use this data for?

You can use posting period to assess the ease or difficulty you may face in filling a role. The longer that similar jobs stay online, the more difficult we expect it will be to find a candidate for the position.

Acquire: Where do you get the data for posting period?

Posting period is based on demand (job posting) data. We monitor job postings from thousands of sources, including job boards, corporate sites, partner feeds, news sites, staffing websites, and applicant tracking systems. Every day, we process an average of 1.3 million job postings in 22 different languages. Learn more about our demand data.

Organize: How do you prepare this data for analysis?

Whenever we visit a source, we compare its current job postings with the batch of postings we harvested from our previous visit and identify those that no longer appear on the source. These expired job postings make up the dataset we use to calculate posting period. 

Analyze: How do you calculate posting period?

The dataset for posting period consists of jobs relevant to your search that were posted online (And eventually removed) over the past year. The figure we display is the 75th percentile of the posting period (expressed as a number of days) for these jobs. We believe that the 75th percentile is more reflective of the recruiter’s experience than the average or median.

Deliver: How do you represent posting period?

We represent posting period as a whole number of days.