What are titles?

Titles are names assigned to a job. We identify titles through job postings.

What can I use this data for?

Title data can help you understand what the most common titles are in a market, or how the title you assign to a role may differ from the titles other organizations use.

Acquire: Where do you get the data for titles?

To identify titles, we monitor job postings from thousands of sources, including job boards, corporate sites, partner feeds, news sites, staffing websites, and applicant tracking systems. Every day, we process an average of 1.3 million job postings in 22 different languages. Learn more about our demand data.

Organize: How do you prepare this data for analysis?

Job postings are written in any format the employer sees fit. When data is unstructured like this, it must be cleaned and prepared before it can be analyzed. Cleaning and preparation can include translation, stripping punctuation and special characters, and removing extraneous text not related to the job. 

Most postings on job boards include a labeled field identifying the title. We extract this information and use natural language processing (NLP) to clean the title so that, for example, “Senior Android Developer (Relocation Assistance Available)” becomes just “Senior Android Developer.”

Analyze: How do you calculate title data?

After identifying the title associated with a job posting, we can provide the count of job postings with that title and the estimated supply for that title.

Deliver: How do you represent title data?

We typically represent titles either as a count or a percentage of job postings or candidates that match your search criteria and that are associated with a particular title.