What is “jobs posted”?

In Custom Roles, “jobs posted” is the number of job postings online at the time of our analysis that meet your criteria. In other platforms (Plan and Recruit), we refer to this as “demand.”

How can I use this data?

You can use demand data to understand how competitive the market is for a particular type of talent.

Why does Custom Roles have its own AboutTheData documentation?

For certain metrics, our methodologies differ significantly between Custom Roles and our self-service platforms, Plan and Recruit.

Generally, Custom Roles reports provide labor market data on locations that aren’t available in Plan or Recruit, or on roles that are too niche to be represented by job posting data. Because of this, we sometimes rely on different sources and more manual processes to calculate labor market metrics. We therefore don’t recommend comparing data between Custom Roles and Recruit or Plan.

What is the methodology for jobs posted?

The demand data we provide through Custom Roles comes from the Recruit platform. Learn more about demand data in Recruit.

To calculate demand, we collect job postings from thousands of sources, including job boards, corporate sites, partner feeds, news sites, staffing websites, and applicant tracking systems.

We clean and prepare all of the job postings we harvest. This process includes translation, stripping punctuation and special characters, and removing extraneous text not related to the job. We rely on natural language processing to identify the existence and prevalence of skills, credentials, education and experience requirements, and other key attributes within the body of a job description.

To arrive at the number of jobs posted, we create a search in Recruit that returns the number of job postings currently online that match your criteria.