What is skill breakdown?

The skill breakdown shows the top skills associated with your target talent, as well as the estimated number of potential candidates with those skills. The top skills are based on the skills from the job descriptions shared with our research team as part of the intake process.

How can I use this data?

You can use the skill breakdown to understand how easy or difficult it might be to find candidates with certain skills.

Why does Custom Roles have its own AboutTheData documentation?

For certain metrics, our methodologies differ significantly between Custom Roles and our self-service platforms, Plan and Recruit.

Generally, Custom Roles reports provide labor market data on locations that aren’t available in Plan or Recruit, or on roles that are too niche to be represented by job posting data. Because of this, we sometimes rely on different sources and more manual processes to calculate labor market metrics. We therefore don’t recommend comparing data between Custom Roles and Recruit or Plan.

What is the methodology for skill breakdown?

In order to identify which skills to investigate, we assess both the job descriptions provided to our research team during the intake process as well as job descriptions we come across online. 

We create keyword search for these skills using Boolean logic, then run this search against our database of public profiles, which we harvest from professional networking sites and resumé banks like Google, Indeed, Xing, GitHub, and Stack Overflow.

We represent the skill breakdown as the number and percentage of potential candidates returned for each skill.