What is supply? 

In Custom Roles, supply is the estimated number of people in the workforce that meet your criteria.

What can I use this data for?

You can use supply data to understand the talent pool for different roles or locations.

Why does Custom Roles have its own AboutTheData documentation?

For certain metrics, our methodologies differ significantly between Custom Roles and our self-service platforms, Plan and Recruit.

Generally, Custom Roles reports provide labor market data on locations that aren’t available in Plan or Recruit, or on roles that are too niche to be represented by job posting data. Because of this, we sometimes rely on different sources and more manual processes to calculate labor market metrics. We therefore don’t recommend comparing data between Custom Roles and Recruit or Plan.

What is the methodology for supply?

When possible, we try to use government data to estimate supply. To do this, we use the job description to map the role to a local standard occupation classification (SOC) code, like the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States, or the Office for National Statistics in the United Kingdom.

If we are not able to match a role to a SOC code, we estimate supply using publicly-available profile data from professional networking sites and resumé banks like Google, Indeed, Xing, GitHub, and Stack Overflow.

To do this, we create a keyword search using Boolean logic that includes the skills, titles, and keywords integral to the role. We run this search against our databases to come up with the estimated number of candidates who meet your criteria.

We subject our supply data to rigorous quality checks to ensure the results are in line with overall industry and domain trends, as well as companies that employ similar talent. We also apply proprietary algorithms to account for the variations in profile availability across industries and locations.