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About search in Plan and Recruit

In TalentNeuron Plan and Recruit, there is no one correct way to search. The real power of these tools comes from understanding how each filter works so that you can combine filters in different ways to meet your specific needs. 

In most cases, our users are interested in pulling labor market data for a particular role. However, there are other projects that might require searches that are more or less specific. Below, you can find a few examples of the many ways you can configure a search using different combinations of search filters.

Job family search

  • Function: Science/R&D

Role-level search

  • Occupation: Customer service representatives

  • Skill: Bilingual

  • Experience level: Junior (0-2 years)

Role-level search for a position not represented by occupation codes

  • Keyword: “data science” OR “data scientist”

Role-level search for industry experience

  • Skill: Pharmaceutical industry

  • Occupation: Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

Competitor demand for a senior position

  • Keyword: “vp” OR “vice president”

  • Employer: One or more competitors

Variations on a title

  • Keyword: TITLE:(research*)