Get tips on navigating the results of your search in Talent, part of TalentNeuron Plan.

About the Talent tool

Gartner TalentNeuron’s Talent tool helps you identify how hiring is changing for your critical talent segments.

Use Talent to understand current and historical demand for different roles and take a deep dive into the labor market for selected talent segments. 

Questions to ask when creating a search:

  • What is my focus talent?

  • Do I want to focus on specific employers or locations, or understand the entire market?

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The Demand page

Questions to ask on this page:

  • How does my organization’s investment in talent differ from our competitors?

  • Does my organization’s hiring align with our expectations and strategy?

  • How has our competitors’ investment in certain talent segments changed over time?

The first table shows demand for the Talent Profiles included in your search, broken into demand from your organization and demand from your searched employers. Searching All employers will compare your hiring to the entire market; searching for select employers will compare your hiring to theirs.

You might want to use this table to identify differences and similarities in you and your competitors’ approach to hiring for certain roles.

Clicking the arrow on the far left side of the table will show you the top functions, occupations, or titles associated with each Talent Profile. You can choose to view function, occupation, or title by clicking the filter icon above the table.

At the bottom of the page, you can find a line graph displaying how hiring has changed over time for each Talent Profile.

Search tips for this page:

  • Search for a Talent Profile, All locations, and All employers to see how your organization’s hiring compares to the market as a whole.

  • Search for a Talent Profile, All locations, and a handful of employers to see how your organization’s hiring compares to select competitors.

  • Use the date picker to broaden your search to the past two years to identify longer-term trends.

The Hiring indicators page

Questions to ask on this page:

  • What is the supply, demand, salary, and hiring difficulty for the talent I’m interested in?

  • Which easy-to-fill roles should we hire externally, and which difficult-to-fill roles should we build internally?

The bar chart at the top of the page shows how your Talent Profiles compare to one another based on supply, demand, salary range, and hiring difficulty.

The table below contains the same metrics, plus competitive concentration and supply-demand ratio.

Please note that the data on this page is for all employers. We don’t provide headcount or salary data for specific employers. Any employers that you added to your search will re-appear when visiting the Demand page. 

Search tips for this page:

  • View job postings associated with different Talent Profiles by clicking the tri-dot icon next to the Talent Profile name.

  • Create a Talent Profile for a senior position and a Talent Profile for a junior position to see how the labor market changes based on the seniority of a role.