Jobs can be posted to one or many locations and for different location types (E.g. New York City, United States, or simply “Remote”). This type of posting method has become more common in the wake of the Remote/Hybrid hiring surge, causing noise in job volume. TalentNeuron previously counted each location listed in a posting as a unique job posting. Coming in September, we will update our business rules to adapt to these emerging market trends. 



  1. Multi-location posting aggregation: Rather than counting 1 job ad for multiple locations and multiple job openings, TalentNeuron will display and aggregate this with a job posting count = 1 

Example: This job ad lists 4 different hiring locations. Where previously we would count these as 4 different job postings, we will now aggregate them as 1 job posting in the platform. 



  1. Removing problematic job sources:  We have identified certain Job Posting sources that convert multi-location job postings (with locations count of ‘X’) into ‘X’ individual job postings for each individual location. This is leading to what would be perceived as inflated job counts in the platform. As a resolution, we will be removing these problematic job sources from our job postings data index. 



You will typically see lesser job counts in the TalentNeuron platform. This should reflect a truer count of candidates that employers are looking to hire.  

The change in demand volume will vary based on the country you are querying and potentially other factors, but generally the overall job counts will be 5-20% lower in the platform. This will impact job demand volume of your previously saved and all future search projects in TalentNeuron. 



  1. Similar-but-separate job postings: There are other less common instances where some employers who may be looking for a single job candidate will opt to post ‘Y’ number of times where each job posting is aligned to a different location. Since these are all unique job postings, we will still display this as job postings count = ‘Y’ in the platform. 

                    Example: These 2 job ads were posted separately for different locations. They will still                                  be counted separately in the platform. 




  1. Counting multi-location job postings when making location comparisons:  In instances where you are looking at a list of locations and comparing their demand counts, we will count an individual job posting once for each location that it included. 

  1. Example: Revisiting the example job ad that lists 4 different hiring locations, while the aggregate jobs count in the United States would = 1, listing the Metropolitan Areas separately in the platform will still display this as 4 job postings (1 in each location).