We recommend using the skills filter to return results where industry is required. 

  • For example, the skills “financial industry” or “banking industry” in relation to financial services.

Below is a list of industry knowledge-rated industry skills, which we would recommend using when industry is required in a search:

Financial industry

Construction industry

Automotive industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Healthcare industry

Retail industry

Insurance industry

Manufacturing industry

Transportation industry

Hospitality industry

Banking industry

Chemicals industry

Restaurant industry

Telecommunications industry

Security industry

Hotel industry

Energy industry

Software industry

Fashion industry

Beauty industry

Industry research

Building industry

Aerospace industry

Travel industry

Airline industry

Wireless industry

Textile industry

Education Industry

Staffing industry

Consulting industry

Mining industry

Semiconductor industry

Printing industry

Furniture industry

Gaming industry

Fitness industry

Defense industry

Cosmetics industry

Tourism industry

HVAC industry

Plastics industry

Sports industry

Consumer industry

Television industry

Vertical industry

Wine industry

Paper industry

Agriculture industry

Dairy industry

Shipping industry

How do the industry skills affect my search?

  • By applying industry knowledge rated skills, you will be able to narrow your search to some of the job postings associated with a particular industry.

  • These skills like any other affect demand, supply, and salary (and all the metrics derived from these data points).

  • In cases where industry-specific skills may be limited in capturing industry knowledge, using the industry related skills in the alternative skills function may be useful.

  • You can also use the alternative skills to capture multiple industries.


 Sample Searches

Top 10 industry related employer groups in TN Plan

  • The Top 10 industry-related employer groups were determined by using the employers with the highest volume of job postings in 2021 from the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

  • You can access these Employer Groups by clicking the “plus” sign next to “Employers” in the left-side search area. In the flyout that appears, you can search for these Employer Groups using the search bar, or by filtering “Shared by TalentNeuron.”

List of Employer Groups:

  • Banking, Finance and Insurance Industry - Top 10

  • Energy and Utilities Industry - Top 10

  • Healthcare Industry - Top 10

  • Manufacturing Industry - Top 10

  • Pharmaceutical Industry - Top 10

  • Technology and Telecom Industry - Top 10

  • Technology Industry - Top 10

  • Transportation Industry - Top 10



In more rare cases using the keyword search to capture industry may be useful. For example, the terms “biotech” or “biotechnology” can be added to return results related to this industry.