In October 2023, we updated the United States Supply estimates using the SOC2018/O’NET 2019 Occupation taxonomies, the 2021 Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics as well the latest United States Geography structure as defined by the US Office of Management and Budget.

We also made further changes allowing for Supply estimates calculation to be provided at the most granular Occupation level, O’NET 2019. 

What does this mean? 

  • Previous Occupation Supply Estimates were provided at the BLS Standard Occupational System SOC 2010, 6 digit Detailed Occupation Level using the 2019 Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Employment Statistics Survey.

  • The updates to our Supply Estimates are now calculated using not only the BLS Standard Occupational System SOC 2018, 6 digit Detailed Occupation Level but we have also introduced Supply Estimates at the O’NET 2019 8 digit SOC Level AND a more recent survey of Supply Estimates which is based on the latest US Geography Structure.

SOC 2018: For additional information on SOC 2018 please refer to the following link 

O’NET 2019: For additional information on O’NET codes and the most recent changes, please refer to this link

How are SOC and O’NET related? 

  • O’NET Occupations are directly related to SOC 6 digit Occupations.

For more information on how SOC Occupations and O’NET Occupations relate to each other, please refer to this link: 

How will this change affect my saved searches or projects? 

  • We have ensured that all existing searches and projects have been modified to reflect the new SOC Taxonomy as well as the newest US Geography.  You do not need to modify or change the search criteria for anything you have saved.

Will the results I see, in regards to Supply, change? 

  • Yes, not only has the SOC Occupation taxonomy evolved to better reflect roles in the market, new Supply Estimates are provided yearly. The previous Supply Estimates reflect 2019 data, the new estimates reflect 2021 data…. And don’t worry, 2022-2023 estimates are coming!

Here is an example using Registered Nurse, where a 6 digit Occupation links to multiple 8 digit O’NET Occupations. 


Registered Nurses (SOC 29-1141) in US Supply: 3,170,765


Registered Nurses (SOC 29-1141) US Supply: 3,047,529

  • Registered Nurses (SOC 29-1141.00) US Supply: 2,340,402

  • Acute Care Nurses (SOC 29-1141.01) US Supply: 133,741

  • Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses (SOC 29-1141.02) US Supply: 133,741

  • Critical Care Nurses (SOC 29-1141.03) US Supply: 305,904

  • Clinical Nurse Specialists (SOC 29-1141.04) US Supply: 133,741